Hawley, Pennsylvania

Photo: Ledges Hotel
Photo: Ledges Hotel

Feeling green? Obsessed with sourcing locally? You’re not alone. More and more people are making a conscious effort to buy everything–okay, maybe not everything–within a small radius of home. Things like vegetables, cheese, soap, and flowers. And as travelers share their passion for seasonal produce and environmentally friendly products, hotels are following suit.

Ledges Hotel is one of those hotels. Located in the Pocono Mountains in Northeastern Pennsylvania, the town of Hawley is surrounded by green forests, peaceful lakes, and rushing rivers. You can spend the day canoeing on Lake Wallenpaupack. Bring your fishing rod to try to catch smallmouth bass and northern pike. Hike the Wallenpaupack Lake Trail for gorgeous views of the man-made reservoir. Spot otters, Ruffed Grouse, and Wild Turkeys along the Lacawac Sanctuary trails. Or find the waterfalls–Factory Falls, Fulmer Falls, and Deer Leap Falls–in George W. Childs Park.

After an active morning, you’re ready to relax at Ledges. The hotel is in the Hawley Silk Mill Campus, a former silk mill that now contains local businesses invested in the community. There are comfortable spots all over the hotel with views of the waterfall and the stone gorge along the Wallenpaupack Creek. Local artwork, down comforters and pillows, and rain showers fill the rooms. Grab a seat on the deck and enjoy a Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout. Or relax on a couch in the Great Room with a book next to the fireplace.

Photo: Ledges Hotel
Photo: Ledges Hotel

Spend the evening right on the Silk Mill Campus. Go to Harmony Presents in the old boiler room. The brick walls and the flickering candles create a fun atmosphere for jazz, bluegrass, and acoustic performances. Then have a late dinner at Glass. The restaurant features an all-American beer and wine list, plus creative small plates. Have a cheese and a charcuterie plate with Calkins Creamery cheese and venison beer sausage. Add chorizo, avocado, or sugar snap peas to build-your-own mac and cheese. Or try a grilled peach flatbread with the last peaches of the season.

It’s all fresh. It’s all seasonal. And it’s all delicious. It’s getting easier and easier to embrace this local movement.


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