Bordeaux, France

1347866_47830478You’ve had a massage overlooking a vineyard. Maybe a grapeseed-oil treatment. And probably enjoyed a glass of wine before leaving a spa. All very relaxing. Ready to take the wine and spa combination to the next level though?

Head to Les Sources de Caudalie, a resort and spa outside of Bordeaux, France. Built at a natural hot spring, Caudalie’s trademark “vinotherapie” spa uses the remains of the wine-making process–the stuff you can’t drink–to create grape-based spa ingredients, which are amazing exfoliators that are said to help reverse the signs of aging. Sounds like magic. Or at least heaven. Begin with a relaxing, bubbly barrel bath. Add a purifying Merlot wrap or a crushed Cabernet scrub. Finish with a fresh grape massage.

Photo: Les Sources de Caudalie
Photo: Les Sources de Caudalie

And don’t forget a glass (or two) of vino. You finally get to taste the Cabernet that has left your skin so smooth and glowing. Caudalie is on the grounds of Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte, in the Graves region of Bordeaux. A tour and tasting is a must during your visit. As is dinner at La Grand’Vigne, a Michelin-starred restaurant that overlooks the property’s lake.

Usually when you’d return home, craving another red vine grape bath, it would be impossible to recreate the amazing experience without planning another French vacation. Luckily, Caudalie has a spa at The Plaza Hotel, in New York City. It may not have the vineyard views, but a Premier Cru facial can at least hold you over until your next spa retreat.

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