Andros Island, Bahamas

Photo: Kamalame Cay
Photo: Kamalame Cay

Aruba. Check. Jamaica. Been there. St. Lucia. The good flights are booked. You’re in search of a place to go off the grid for a few days, but nothing seems to be jumping out at you. All you want is sand and sunshine in a romantic location. No lines to get dinner reservations. No rules about collared shirts and open-toed shoes. And definitely not a 7 a.m. rush to claim beach chairs.

Maybe the Bahamas. Sounds crazy, right? The megaresorts of Nassau don’t exactly inspire romance. The thought of being pulled off of your hard-earned sun lounger to play beach volleyball makes you want to stay in your room. But once you get out of the bustling capital, there are thousands of little islands with deserted white-sand beaches. It may take you an extra flight and/or ferry to get there, but you did say you wanted to go off the grid.

Photo: Kamalame Cay
Photo: Kamalame Cay

One of these little oases is Kamalame Cay, off the northeast coast of Andros Island. The small, barefoot chic resort is peaceful and quiet. Three miles of conch-shell strewn beaches and warm turquoise water. Parrotfish and manta rays dart through the waves. Palm trees and sea grapes sway in the breeze. Pink ibis, herons, and sandpipers are your neighbors. Bikes and sand chariots–golf carts–are the preferred methods of transportation. Most of your time will be spent in a hammock.

Begin your day sitting in pink Adirondack chairs, sipping coffee, and eating fresh-baked goods while enjoying your uninterrupted ocean view. Your breakfast basket was delivered earlier in the morning. When you finally decide to be social, the Great House is the resort’s social hub. Here you’ll find an honor bar, the dining room, and help planning your daily activities. Bonefishing, kayaking, and scuba diving. A seaweed botanical wrap at the overwater spa. Switch things up, and swim in the pool. Or return to your hammock and wait until tiki torches are lit for the beach BBQ. Just throw on a sarong to dig into the lobster feast, no reservation needed.

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