New Castle, St. Kitts and Nevis

Thinking about one more trip to the Caribbean before hurricane season heats up this year? True, it technically already began. August and September are usually the most active months though, so you still have a few more weeks to enjoy a beautiful island and turquoise water. With the added bonus of fewer crowds and lower prices. How soon can you leave?

Photo: Nisbet Plantation Beach Club
Photo: Nisbet Plantation Beach Club

Your airline ticket lists St. Kitts as your destination, but you aren’t quite finished traveling yet. From Majors Bay, board the Sea Bridge ferry for a quick, 20-minute ride across The Narrows to Nevis, St. Kitts’ sister island. The conical-shaped island is ringed by white, coral-sand beaches. Nevis Peak, the center point, is an extinct volcano, though volcanic hot springs are still found on the west coast. Charlestown, the picturesque capital, is full of colonial stone buildings and goats roaming freely through the streets. And the remains of British sugar plantations are scattered throughout the rest of the island.

From Cades Bay, follow the Main Road north to coconut-shaded Newcastle Beach. Here you’ll find the Nisbet Plantation Beach Club. It’s an Old World charmer, with lemon-gingerbread cottages, wicker furniture, and gracious service. Learn how to play croquet or weave a palm frond basket. Search for green vervet monkeys in mango trees. Take an introductory scuba lesson in the pool. You’ll be ready for the ocean in no time. Book a body wrap with Nevisian honey at The Palms Spa. Drink Tropical Breezes at the Sea Breeze Bar. Fall asleep in the hammock. Enjoy the view down the Avenue of Palms while eating Caribbean lobster on the terrace of the Great House. Flute music and candlelight pair perfectly with the salt air.

Photo: Nisbet Plantation Beach Club
Photo: Nisbet Plantation Beach Club

The first day–or two, or three–were for relaxing, but now it’s time to see the rest of the island. How can you not, when so few people are visiting this time of year? Start with an early morning hike up Nevis Peak. The view of nearby islands makes it worth setting an alarm. Rent a Vespa, and follow the 21-mile circuit around the island. Stop at the Hermitage Plantation, the oldest surviving wooden house in the Caribbean. Visit the orchids, the water lilies, and the waterfalls at the Botanical Gardens. And hang out on Pinney’s Beach, Nevis’ most popular stretch of sand.

Here you’ll find Sunshine’s Beach Bar, which is famous for its flags from around the world, views of St. Kitts, and Killer Bees. The reggae music gets louder and the drinks get stronger as the sun begins to set. You’ll almost forget there’s a storm heading this way.


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