Sandys Parish, Bermuda

Photo: Cambridge Beaches
Photo: Cambridge Beaches

Fine, white sand. Sparkling, teal water. A killer sunset. To which Caribbean island are you heading this time? St. Lucia? Martinique? Or Grenada? Nope. Go a lot farther north.

This little piece of paradise is actually in the North Atlantic, an area known for its frigid water and long winters. But warmed by the Gulf Stream, the islands of Bermuda feel like they should be a lot farther south. Like 1,000 miles south. Instead, they are just a quick flight from the East Coast of the United States, making Bermuda a perfect long-weekend destination.

You’ll land in historic St. George’s Parish in the northeast, but you’re heading to Sandys Parish in the West End. The former farm country, spread out over multiple islands, is considered the most beautiful part of Bermuda. Walk through Hog Bay Park, a green oasis, for a panoramic view of Bermuda from Look Out Point. Purple Finches and Orchard Orioles create a soundtrack for your stroll. Ride a moped over the 17th century Somerset Bridge, the smallest drawbridge in the world. Visit the Royal Navy Dockyard, the headquarters of the British fleet during the American Revolutionary War. Explore the limestone fortress called the Keep, the old munitions warehouse, and the restored Commissioner’s House. Don’t miss the amazing views from the ramparts. You’ll be ready for a Trunk Island Pale Ale at The Frog & Onion Pub by now.

Photo: Cambridge Beaches
Photo: Cambridge Beaches

And probably ready for some beach time, too. Check into Cambridge Beaches, an Old World charmer with views of Mangrove Bay on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. There are four beaches on the property. One of them should suit your mood. Relax near the infinity pool on Morning Beach. Snorkel off of Turtle Cove. Or learn to paddle board in the calm water of Long Bay. You might leave to kayak around nearby coves, play tennis, or take a nap in your cottage, but this is the spot to which you’ll return for sunset. A glass of champagne, warm sand, and a pink sky is just what you needed to recharge. When is the next long weekend?

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