Mustique, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Photo: Cotton House
Photo: Cotton House

Do you have an upcoming special occasion? Whether you’re planning your honeymoon, celebrating your ten-year anniversary, or just need to spend some time alone with the one you love, you’re in search of a quiet, secluded location in which to enjoy each other’s company. And maybe some stunning scenery for when you decide to leave your room. The first place that comes to mind–the Maldives or the French Polynesian islands beyond Bora Bora–are just so far away.

The Caribbean may not seem special enough. At first. But not all of the islands are well-known spots with direct flights from the United States. Some, like private, unspoiled Mustique, require a little more planning and multiple flights. First fly to Barbados. Hop on a smaller airplane to Mustique. But make sure you arrive before dusk. Mustique’s airport, which has no runway lights, closes at sunset. Your request for quiet appears to be taken care of already.

After arriving at the Cotton House–an old sugar plantation–you’ll be handed a rum punch and escorted to your cottage. Don’t worry about unpacking. It’s being handled. The cottage has cedar shutters, wicker furniture, and ceiling fans. No air conditioner is needed with the Lesser Antilles’ breeze. A beach bag and flip-flops are ready for you to go to the beach. And bug spray is available for later. It’s part of the secluded request.

Photo: Cotton House
Photo: Cotton House

After a lazy morning when you had breakfast delivered to your room, it’s time to make a difficult decision. Lounge on Endeavour Bay or by the pool? The beach wins when you see the perfect white sand, coconut palms, and bright turquoise water. Sunsails and kayaks are available. Maybe another time. The spa offers lime-and-pineapple body scrubs. Maybe later. Ride horses through the water, go inshore fishing for saltwater salmon, or hike around old sugar mills and former slave quarters. Maybe while you’re here. Right now, you’re focused on the beach though. And each other.

Swim in the bathtub-like water. Rent a Mini Moke, a golf cart-like buggy, to explore farther away. Snorkel off remote Gelliceaux Bay. Take a picnic lunch to Macaroni Beach. The east coast beach is supposedly the most popular beach on the island. Two other couples are there. And watch the sun set at Britannia Bay. It’s near Basil’s Bar, where you could easily spend the rest of the evening. It has a deck built on bamboo stilts overlooking the water, an open-air dance floor, and fruity cocktails. Maybe tomorrow.

Returning to the Cotton House, you find the weekly island cocktail party in full swing. Champagne and canapés are being passed around the Great Room. An aging rock star in the corner thinks he’s unrecognizable in a fedora. You mingle for a little while, but eventually slip back to your cozy cottage. You have some more celebrating to do.

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