Morne Rouge, Grenada

Photo: Laluna
Photo: Laluna

Looking to spice up your next vacation? With nutmeg, vanilla, and cinnamon, of course! The Island of Spice may be the best smelling island in the Caribbean. Add tranquil beaches, rainforest hiking trails, and a Balinese-inspired resort for a sweet getaway.

Things haven’t always been so sweet for Grenada. Control of the island was violently exchanged between the French and the British numerous times. Finally asserting its independence, the young nation was invaded by the U.S. to prevent the spread of Communism. Years of rebuilding were then demolished by Hurricane Ivan. Nearly 10 years later, it’s finally peaceful on Grenada.

Particularly on remote Quarantine Point, where you’ll find Laluna. It’s a bumpy road to reach this southeastern section of the island. But you’ll be rewarded with a comfortable boutique resort and gorgeous views of the Caribbean Sea. Sixteen cottages, built into the hillside, have open-air showers and plunge pools. This place is meant for those who want to relax. Lounge on a daybed on your dark-wood deck. Take a kundalini or vinyasa yoga class at the yoga pavilion. Gaze at the turquoise water from the infinity pool. Have a tatami massage surrounded by candles at the spa. Sip a limoncello thrill on a sofa in the Beachfront Lounge. Relaxed yet?

Photo: Laluna
Photo: Laluna

Once you’re on island time, you can start exploring. Scuba dive into the Bianca C, the largest shipwreck in the Caribbean. Snorkel through the Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park. Sail up the eastern coast to see two-mile-long Grand Anse beach, the capital city of St. George’s, and Fort George on a promontory overlooking the pretty harbor. Return later to wander the narrow streets and stock up on all those spices at the spice market.

Hike through Grand Etang National Park. Surrounded by giant gommier trees and mahogany, you’ll see mona monkeys on your way to Grand Etang Lake, a submerged volcano. Or hike to the three Concord Waterfalls and swim in their crystal-clear pools. Visit the Belmont Estate, a 17th century cocoa and nutmeg plantation, to see how cocoa goes from the field to chocolate bars. And don’t miss Rivers Antoine Rum Distillery, the oldest rum factory in the Western Hemisphere.

All of these tours and tastings have made you hungry. Time to see what Grenadians create with all of their aromatic spices. Go to the Friday fish feast in the village of Gouyave; try callaloo soup at Coconut Beach in St. George’s; eat spicy scallops and curried conch at the Beach House; or return to Laluna for Grenadian pumpkin-and-ginger soup and seafood cartoccio. It just looks like you shouldn’t relax so much if you’re going to eat this way the entire trip.

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