Petit St. Vincent, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Photo: Petit St. Vincent Resorts Ltd.
Photo: Petit St. Vincent Resorts Ltd.

Phew! That project you’ve been working on for weeks—or probably more like months—is finally finished. It’s time to decompress and, hopefully, take some long overdue vacation time. You’ve earned it. Now you just have to find the perfect place. A beautiful, relaxing, pampering place.

Petit St. Vincent should fit the bill. The little island, north of Petite Martinique and south of Palm Island, is in the middle of the Grenadines. It has two miles of white-sand beaches and rolling hills surrounded by turquoise water. So far, so good.

You fly to Barbados, take a smaller airplane to Union Island, and finally board a boat for PSV. You see the beaches, the palms, and the dock from the water. But you barely catch a glimpse of the Petit St. Vincent Resort as you start to approach the island. The stone cottages are spread out—and hidden—among the thick, tropical forest. With sun decks, indoor and outdoor dining areas, and views of other islands, your cottage is made for privacy. You could spend the entire week right in your room, only seeing the butlers when they deliver your meals and the Bananaquits in search of leftover crumbs. Though maybe you don’t need to be that secluded, at least after the first day or two.

Photo: Petit St. Vincent Resorts Ltd.
Photo: Petit St. Vincent Resorts Ltd.

It might be the food that eventually pulls you away from your little oasis. Plan a picnic lunch on the Mopion Sandbank with just an umbrella and a bottle of wine. Sip a Hairoun Beer while listening to Caribbean beats at Goatie’s Bar. Sit at a hardwood table in the sand and eat charcoal-grilled fish or clay-oven pizza at the Beach Restaurant. Or make a reservation at the hilltop Pavilion Restaurant, where the Atlantic breeze combines with the smell of frangipani and hibiscus. It’s difficult to choose between the appetizers: smoked-fish bruschetta and lobster fritters. Go with the bruschetta, since you’re having lobster tail spiked with rosemary as your entrée. Then cap off the evening with a cigar on the deck when the sky glows pink as the sun sets.

Or it could be the low-key activities that draw you outside. Jog to Cross Pointe, the island’s southernmost point, along the forest path. Prefer to break a sweat? Head up Marni Hill, the highest point on PSV, for jaw-dropping views. Meditate and do planks at the hidden yoga pavilion near Conch Bay. Sail on Beauty to the uninhabited Tobago Cays to snorkel along the four-kilometer Horseshoe Reef.

Book an island haze massage at the Balinese spa. The treetop, open-air hut is almost as relaxing as the massage itself. And test out all of PSV’s beaches to decide whether West End Beach, Caribbean Beach, or Atlantic Beach is your favorite. It may just depend on the time of day. It’ll be the easiest decision you’ve made in a long time, though.


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