Harbour Island, Bahamas

Photo: Larry Deack (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Photo: Larry Deack (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Ready for a break? Summer feels like forever ago, while the holidays are still a ways away. You need something to look forward to now. Just a few days in the sun would hold you over until the festivities begin in late November. How about a quick trip to the Bahamas?

Harbour Island is just 50 miles from Nassau, though it feels worlds away. The three-mile-long island has colorful, colonial-style buildings, small hotels, turquoise water, and pink-sand beaches. After arriving at the North Eleuthera Airport, a 15-minutes water taxi brings you to Dunmore Town. The island’s only town was settled by English colonists from Nassau in the 17th century. It was named after a former governor of the Bahamas; he had a summer house on the island.

The island still looks like the ideal place to relax. You’re staying at Pink Sands, a resort near a bird sanctuary on the eastern side of the island. Your cottage, one of only 25, has a California king bed, teak furniture, and a large sitting area. An iPod is preloaded with island tunes. While the neutral color palette keeps your focus on what’s really important: the view of the beach.

Photo: Pink Sands Resort
Photo: Pink Sands Resort

But first, you need to find some lunch. You left home before the sun rose this morning, and the food on the airplane doesn’t really count as breakfast. So you’re starving, and the smell of nearby frying fish is making your mouth water. The Blue Bar serves smoked fish dip, conch fritters, and green curry fish sandwiches that quickly fill you up. By the time your second fruity rum drink arrives, you’re mellow and adjusting to island time.

The freshwater pool looks tempting, but you’re focused on the beach. That truly pink-sand beach. It gets its color from foraminifera, red and pink shelled amoeba that live in the coral reef just offshore. You spend the rest of the afternoon watching small waves lap against the sand, swimming in the bathtub-like water, and picking up little shells as you walk down the beach.

Later you’ll sip your third fruity cocktail—or is it your fourth?—during happy hour. You’ll eat grilled octopus salad and green tamarind black grouper at the open-air Garden Terrace for dinner. You’ll plan to play tennis, go bone fishing, and try paddleboarding tomorrow. You might even walk to Sea Grapes, where local bands play live music. But right now, you’re just going to enjoy the salty air, the warm sun, and the beautiful beach, since this is just what you needed.


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