Design Hotels for Valentine’s Day Weekend

Trying to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day? Many people focus on flowers, chocolates, and sparkling wine. But you’ll have a much more memorable holiday weekend if you escape to a design hotel instead. Here are two stunning places to stay this weekend, one to visit this spring, and another to put on your wish list for next year.

Photo: Museum Hotel Cappadocia
Photo: Museum Hotel Cappadocia

Uçhisar: Sleep in a cave room, relax on an open-air terrace, sip tea from a tulip-shaped glass, and watch hot air balloons rise in the sky in Cappadocia.

Photo: Aitken Spense Hotel Managements
Photo: Aitken Spense Hotel Managements

Dambulla: Swim in an infinity pool, stare at a rock fortress, and hang out with monkeys at a bird-shaped hotel in Sri Lanka.

Photo: Sonora Resort
Photo: Sonora Resort

Sonora Island: Wait until after the holiday, and then cruise through the Discovery Islands, fly fish for trout, see animals in their natural habitat, and stay at an eco-adventure resort outside of Vancouver this spring.

Photo: Stay at the Place
Photo: Stay at the Place

Tokeh: Dream of spending next Valentine’s Day walking along a beautiful beach, playing with rescued chimps, and exploring a ruined fort along the coast of Sierra Leone.


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