Pittsboro, North Carolina

Photo: Fearrington House Inn
Photo: Fearrington House Inn

Another bitter-cold weekend is on its way. After way too many weekends in a row like this, you had to expect it. It doesn’t get any easier, though. It’s hard to make plans with friends or go out to dinner, much less run errands, when the temperature dips this low. All you want to do is hibernate.

The Fearrington House Inn is the perfect place to hibernate for a few days. The picturesque inn is located in central North Carolina, easily accessible from Chapel Hill, Durham, and Raleigh. The white-columned inn has red-brick pathways, overflowing gardens, and perfectly positioned Adirondack chairs. Rolling pastures, an old silo, and Belted Galloway cows surround it, as the land was once a dairy farm. While cozy bedrooms, a relaxing spa, and one of the best restaurants in the Tar Heel State are inside.

Your first morning at the inn, you stay in bed much longer than you usually do. The king-sized, pillow-top featherbed is that comfortable. Plus, you’re hibernating. Make your way downstairs for breakfast. Snack on warm bread, blackberry preserves, and honey harvested on-site while you wait for your meal. The English breakfast is served with farm-fresh eggs, sausage, mushrooms, and roasted fingerling potatoes. While your cup of Early Grey tea is never empty.

Photo: Fearrington House Restaurant
Photo: Fearrington House Restaurant

As you eat, you go over your options for the day. You could hike the Woods Loop, a four-mile nature trail. You could browse the shops at the Village Center; McIntyre’s Books is a great independent bookstore. Or you could explore Pittsboro’s historic downtown and nearby Chapel Hill. But all of those options involve going outside. Instead, you opt to spend time at the farmhouse-like spa with a Bliss for Two massage followed by afternoon tea in a sun-filled room.

Luckily, you don’t have to leave the inn for dinner either. The acclaimed Fearrington House Restaurant is set in a 1927 Colonial Revival farmhouse. Order a Yadkin Valley Petit Verdot as you look over the farm-to-fork menu. Your four-course dinner begins with a cauliflower and romanesco salad that’s served with whipped brie. Honey-braised parsnip with ginger cake and ash meringue follows. After looking at both the guinea hen and the seared black grouper, you ultimately decided on the venison for your entrée. There’s no question about dessert, though. You’re skipping the sweets for a more savory artisanal cheese plate. It’s served with house-made chutney and, hopefully, more of that honey you had for breakfast.

Returning to your room, you find that the lights have been dimmed and the bedding has been turned down. A small carafe of Rozès port and homemade truffles sit beside the bed. While a note with tomorrow’s weather report was placed on your pillow. You ignore it. There’s no need for a forecast when you’re hibernating.

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