Lindos, Greece

Photo: Lindos Blu Rhodes Luxury Hotel & Suites
Photo: Lindos Blu Rhodes Luxury Hotel & Suites

It’s time for your annual trip to Greece. You go every spring, before all the European tourists arrive for their extended summer vacations. Each time, you choose a different island and spend the week exploring the historical sites, lounging on the beaches, and eating at the little tavernas. But last year, you fell in love with a beautiful spot in the Dodecanese. So for the first time, you’re not picking a new place. You’re returning to Lindos.

Lindos is a medieval village on the east coast of Rhodes. It sits 50 kilometers south of the island’s largest city, also named Rhodes, and faces the tiny fishing village of Haraki. The village was an ancient city-state and major maritime power. The ruins of a strong-walled Acropolis sit on a hill above Lindos. An ancient amphitheater, Byzantine churches, old captain’s houses, whitewashed homes, and cobbled lanes tumble down the hill to a turquoise bay. While a gorgeous resort sits just outside of the village.

That resort is Lindos Blu, an adults-only resort facing the Vlicha Gulf. It’s quiet, isolated, and stunning. The pools, the restaurants, the gym, and, of course, your room have panoramic views. They were hard to see when you arrived late last night, since clouds covered the stars and the half-moon. But when the light woke you up early this morning, you pulled back the curtains and pushed the glass door open to greet the sunshine.

Photo: Lindos Blu Rhodes Luxury Hotel & Suites
Photo: Lindos Blu Rhodes Luxury Hotel & Suites

From your terrace—and your jacuzzi and your bathtub—you have a perfect view of the sparkling water and the rocky coastline. A few sailboats bob in the harbor. A smaller fishing boat leaves ripples as it moves through the water. But it’s still quiet. No one is swimming in the pool or claiming a sun lounger yet. At least in front of the resort. The cruise ship passengers have already descended upon Lindos.

While tourists take over Lindos, enjoy the resort. Sit in your jacuzzi until it’s time for breakfast. Walk along the beach down the hill from the hotel. The water is still a bit chilly this time of year. Soak up the sun from the edge of the infinity pool. Eat a light lunch at Allegro Pool Bar. Sip a gin cocktail—you are on vacation now—back in your sun lounger. Then head into town once the tourists depart in the early afternoon.

Start by visiting more beaches. Main Beach is lined with white umbrellas, and St. Paul’s Beach is in a sheltered cove. Walk out to the tomb of Kleoboulous at the edge of the bay. Cool off in the Church of the Assumption. Wander through the narrow lanes and the little shops. Ride a donkey up the hill to the Acropolis; the views from the fortification are breathtaking as the sun starts to set. And pick one of those little tavernas, preferably one with outside seats and a view of the Acropolis, for drinks and a seafood dinner. You’re starting to feel right at home in Lindos.

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