Tishomingo, Oklahoma

Photo: The Ladysmith
Photo: The Ladysmith

It’s time for a girls’ weekend. Between Mother’s Day and birthdays coming up, plus spring finally making an appearance, you’re ready to get out of town to spend a few days together. You plan to leave your boyfriends and husbands at home, check out a new hotel, and stay up well past your normal bedtime. You just need to find somewhere different—the quirkier and the more unexpected the better.

Your perfect destination is a little town in Oklahoma. That’s right, Oklahoma. Tishomingo is two hours south of Oklahoma City and just north of the Texas border. It was the first capital of the Chickasaw Nation. Wildlife refuges still protect thousands of acres surrounding the town. Main Street is now lined with brick buildings, rib restaurants, and peculiar shops. But it’s a new bed and breakfast that’s luring people to the Sooner State.

The Ladysmith is right in the center of Tishomingo. It occupies a 1901 building, one of the oldest structures in town. There is nothing old-fashioned about the interior, though. With exposed brick walls and distressed wood, bright colors and bold patterns, flea-market antiques and kitschy props, the bed and breakfast wouldn’t look out-of-place in Brooklyn or Portland. But the cowhides and the mounted animal skulls remind you that you’re far from either coast.

Photo: The Ladysmith
Photo: The Ladysmith

You and the girls are welcomed to the Ladysmith with warm chocolate chip cookies. Before checking in, rush to the 1940s Tilt-a-Whirl chair and the photo confessional in the lobby. Scope out your room on the second floor. The Knaughty Pine Room has pine-tree wallpaper, a wooden chest, and fern-colored chairs. Then meet up at 4:02 Tea Time, the elegant tea room, for an afternoon snack.

During your time in Oklahoma, you’ll eat skillet egg casseroles on mismatched china for breakfast. You plan to shop at the Pink Pistol across the street, hike in the Tishomingo National Wildlife Refuge, and tour the Chickasaw National Capitol. You could go fishing on the Blue River or gambling at nearby casinos. But it’s the French Quarter you’re looking forward to the most.

The French Quarter is a New Orleans-inspired bar right at the Ladysmith. It has a balcony overlooking Main Street. Vodkas made in Oklahoma and Texas, as well as Red 55 Winery’s wines are served. It’s a comfortable place to relax and catch up. If you’re lucky, a country band will be playing an acoustic set in the Platinum Ballroom. It could even be the bed and breakfast’s famous owner and her equally famous husband. You requested different and unexpected, remember?

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