Wellington, Canada

Photo: Keint-he.ca
Photo: Keint-he.ca

April showers bring . . . May travel plans? Okay, hopefully flowers—and green grass and budding trees—as well. But you’re really looking forward to a long weekend that doesn’t include umbrellas, Wellies, or raincoats. Warmer temperatures would also be greatly appreciated. Especially since you plan on hanging out by a lake for the next few days.

You’re heading to Prince Edward County in Ontario. The area is known for lake views and secluded beaches, antique shops and art galleries, craft breweries and small wineries. The Millennium Trail, atop an old railway, winds through marshes, forests, farms, and vineyards. More beavers and turtles call the county home than people. Plus, great blue herons wade through the swamps.

The little town of Wellington sits on the northern shore of Lake Ontario in Prince Edward County. When the British took over the First Nations’ land, it was turned into farms, and many of those eventually became vineyards. See the Bridge Building and taste vegan wines at Karlo Estates. Stop at By Chadsey’s Cairns Winery, where Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays are served at a historic farm. Then sip a rosé on Keint-he Winery’s patio, as you enjoy a panoramic view of the lake.

Photo: Drake Devonshire
Photo: Drake Devonshire

When you start to feel a bit, ahem, tired, your boutique hotel is just a few miles down the road. The Drake Devonshire, a 19th-century foundry-turned-farmhouse, opened just last year. It has quirky, individually decorated rooms. Your creekside room has a MacAusland’s virgin-wool throw, artisan dolls, and brown-bagged booze. The Dining Room & Bar is in an A-frame, Douglas fir-beamed building. The deck has waterfront bleachers looking over the fire pit and the calm lake. While the current art exhibit, Plein Air, is an open-air gallery. You immediately feel right at home.

Spend the rest of the day at the inn, since you’ll have plenty of time to go for a bike ride, walk on the beach, and find those craft breweries this weekend. Sip a glass of Vintner’s Daughter Unoaked Chardonnay on the deck. Be sure to bring a sweater—it still gets chilly quickly when the sun starts to go down this time of year. Eat a warm, hearty seafood chowder—filled with shrimp, scallops, crabs, fish, and grilled corn—once you go inside. And stay to watch the acoustic show that’s about to begin. Your rain-free weekend is off to a perfect start.


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