Cerf Island, Seychelles

Photo: Cerf Island Resort Seychelles
Photo: Cerf Island Resort Seychelles

Someone needs to pinch you—quick. You just arrived at the Cerf Island Resort, and it’s breathtakingly, jaw-droppingly gorgeous. You pause at a viewpoint and peer over dense Latanier palms. Small islands, surrounded by white-sand beaches and puddles of clear water, are ahead of you. Swirls of turquoise, green, and blue water connect them. While a sailboat silently glides through the postcard-worthy scene.

Cerf Island is in the heavenly Seychelles in the Indian Ocean. The small island—it’s just one mile long by 3/4 miles wide—is only accessible by boat. There are no roads, just pathways, connecting a few small hotels and villas. It’s part of Sainte Anne Marine National Park, a wildlife preserve known for its large seagrass meadow and giant tortoises. Your resort sits right alongside the park.

The Cerf Island Resort is a perfect little hideaway. Earlier, you arrived on Mahé—the largest island in the Seychelles—rode a taxi to the dock, and then enjoyed a 15-minute boat ride to Cerf Island. You were welcomed at the resort with a cold drink and towel. From the reception area, you could already see one of the infinity pools, feel a cool breeze through the palms, and hear gentle waves crashing somewhere just out of sight.

Photo: Cerf Island Resort Seychelles
Photo: Cerf Island Resort Seychelles

The resort was built to protect the island’s natural beauty. Its 24 villas, though spacious, are hidden among overflowing gardens and dense palms. They’re made of timber and stone. They’re filled with hardwood and rattan furniture. Open-air bathrooms have big jacuzzis and outdoor showers. But you’ll spend most of your time on the balcony. The sunbed and the ocean view are enough to keep you occupied for the rest of the afternoon.

When you eventually decide to explore the rest of the resort, you find that the gorgeous views aren’t limited to your Hideaway Villa. Two beaches are flanked by granite rocks and takamaka trees. Snorkeling and kayaking trails begin just steps from the shore. Le Spa Latanier has a relaxation garden, a rainforest jacuzzi, and indoor and outdoor treatment rooms and showers. Sparkling wine and canapés are served as the water and the sky change colors on a sunset cruise. While Zepis, the thatched-roof restaurant, serves four-course candlelit dinners as darkness announces the end of the day.

On second thought, no pinching. You want this dream to continue as long as possible.

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