Panormos, Greece

Photo: Adrina Team
Photo: Adrina Team

Ah, September! The temperature is no longer hovering around 100 degrees. The crowds have returned to the mainland. Plus the inflated prices are stabilizing. Now is the time to travel to the Greek islands.

This time, you’re heading to the Sporades. The archipelago’s 24 islands sit north of the Cyclades and northwest of the North Aegean Islands. They’re known for their fjords, dense forests, hidden coves, and golden-sand beaches. Little villages have blue-roofed tavernas and Byzantine churches. Sea turtles and seals greatly outnumber people. While ferries make it easy to hop between the four inhabited islands.

Your ferry is sailing from Skiathos, the main island, east to Skopelos. After docking in Glossa, a pretty fishing village, head south along the coast. Your destination is Panormos. The even smaller fishing village is tucked between lots of pine trees deep inside a fjord. The main street is lined with little cafés and shops on one side; wooden tables and chairs face the water on the other side. And a beautiful resort sits on the hillside on the northern side of the bay.

Photo: Adrina Team
Photo: Adrina Team

That resort, the Adrina Resort & Spa, is your home for the next few days. After driving around a stone wall, the resort’s green slopes and white buildings come into view. An old lighthouse sits inside the light-filled reception area. It’s huge windows—and every other window at the resort—overlook the infinity pool, whose turquoise water blends in with the bay beyond it. Plus a lift runs between the beach, the restaurants, and the rooms, so you don’t have to climb up and down the steep hill.

Usually, you would drop your bags, go back to the car, and start exploring the gorgeous coastline. But not today. After seeing the resort, your plans changed quickly. You’ll be quite content doing, well, nothing for the rest of the afternoon. Open the sliding glass doors in your all-white room to take in the view from your balcony. Watch sailboats glide through the bay on the pebble beach, where sun loungers and umbrellas stand at attention. The water is calm and warm.

Move up to the saltwater pool after a few hours. Order a glass of chilled white wine from the stone pool bar. Consider going to the Skopelos Spa for a candle massage, but ultimately decide to stay just where you are. Then eat skorpinomakaronada (spaghetti with scorpionfish) or astakomakaronada (spaghetti with lobster) at Kalimera as the moonlight starts to reflect off the water. Your Greek adventure is off to a perfect start.

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