Bangkok, Thailand

Photo: Bangkok Tree House
Photo: Bangkok Tree House

Your sights are set on Bangkok. During your first visit to the City of Angels, you’re looking forward to watching the sun rise over the temples, catching a glimpse of robed monks, riding in a tuk tuk, gliding down the river in a long-tail boat, people-watching in the markets, and eating street food. It’s sure to be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. So why would you stay at a normal, boring hotel on such an exciting trip. It’s time to rethink your sleeping arrangements.

There’s nothing traditional about the Bangkok Tree House. You can arrive on foot, by bike, or by boat, but not by car. Wooden bridges connect the riverfront structures. Butterflies, fireflies, and even lizards freely roam the grounds. The lounge has a green roof. Carbon-free cooking classes feature vegetables grown on the property. Showers are al fresco; the water is heated by sunlight. Some of the nests—there are no rooms here—have bamboo floors, walls, and ceilings. Others are a little more open to the elements. Feeling adventurous?

Your first choice is the “View with the Room.” This nest sits 23 feet in the air. It does have a bamboo floor and railing, but the “walls” are made of mangrove palms. There isn’t a ceiling. That’s right, the bed and the sitting area are exposed. Sheer white drapes are the only things hanging between you and an amazing view of the starry sky.

Photo: Bangkok Tree House
Photo: Bangkok Tree House

If the “View with the Room” sounds interesting, the River Nest should intrigue you, as well. The availability of this nest depends on the tidal season. Even when it’s usable, you’re guaranteed to get wet. Yes, wet. The River Nest features a white-linen bed floating on the gently moving Chao Phraya River. That’s it. Just a bed. On the river. There are no floors, walls, or ceilings. But it does feature a natural alarm clock: the rising sun.

Since the sun wakes you up early, you have plenty of time to do everything on your wish list in Bangkok. Explore the nearby jungle, the maze of waterways, and the overgrown fruit orchards by bike. Visit the Bang Nam Pheung Floating Market and buy fried mussels and fresh mangos along the way. Bring a picnic lunch to the Si Nakhon Khuean Khan Botanical Park—the tree house’s staff will share the best secret spots to look for.

Return to swim in the pond, which you might have to share with blue-eared kingfishers or a white crane. Choose between a seafood, Thai, or vegan three-course dinner. The tamarind-kissed shrimp, the slow-cooked aromatic green-curry dory, and the mango sticky rice sound quite tempting. Then return to your nest to watch the stars light up the sky. There’s nothing normal—or boring—about your trip to Bangkok.

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