Detour-worthy Hotels

Sometimes all it takes is a great hotel to change your travel plans. A beautiful location, a relaxing resort, or a cool design hotel can suddenly alter your original itinerary. Here are four stunning places—in Finland, Austria, Argentina, and even Bosnia and Herzegovina—that might cause detours.

Photo: Arctic Light Hotel
Photo: Arctic Light Hotel

Rovaniemi: Head north of Helsinki to find the official home of Santa Claus, every winter sport imaginable, the aurora borealis, and a modern ski lodge near the Arctic Circle.

Photo: Hotel Post Bezau
Photo: Hotel Post Bezau

Bezau: Travel into the Hinterwald to find a design hotel that looks like a chalet, a relaxing bathhouse, a locally sourced restaurant, and stunning views of the mountains in the Alps.

Photo: Colors inn Sarajevo
Photo: Colors inn Sarajevo

Sarajevo: Visit the Balkans to find a vibrant city, welcoming people, an inclusive Old Town, and a brightly colored hotel in one of the fastest-growing cities in Europe.

Photo: Mio Buenos Aires
Photo: Mio Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires: Find three hotels with three very different personalities—from Belle Époque elegance to a wine theme to eco chic—in one of South America’s hottest destinations.



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