Surprising Cold-Weather Escapes

While most people are looking for a warm, sunny destination during the winter months, you’re excited that the colder temperatures and the snowflakes have finally arrived. Here are three surprising cold-weather escapes that currently look like winter wonderlands.

Photo: Big Cedar Lodge
Photo: Big Cedar Lodge

Missouri: Travel to an Adirondack-style resort, follow a snow-covered hiking trail along a lake-view path, go fishing for crappie and trout, warm up by a huge stone fireplace, and sip spiced cider in the Ozarks.

Photo: konikaori via
Photo: konikaori via

Montenegro: Find a gorgeous national park, a high massif, frozen glacial lakes, deep river canyons, the highest town in the Balkans, and steep ski slopes in Southeast Europe.

Photo: Chez Juju
Photo: Chez Juju

Morocco: Take a day trip outside of Marrakesh, find a town that looks like a European ski village, ride a slow-moving chairlift, and enjoy an après-ski tagine at the best ski resort in North Africa.


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