Shoal Bay Village, Anguilla

Photo: Zemi Beach House
Photo: Zemi Beach House

Psst . . . there’s a new resort in the Caribbean. It was built next to a recently designated national park. It faces a white, some would even say rose, sand beach and calm water that looks shockingly blue from afar, yet perfectly clear up close. The infinity pool and a restaurant that flows onto the sand are positioned to frame the gorgeous view. Plus large rooms are decorated with neutral tones so not to distract from that view. How quickly can you get to Anguilla?

Anguilla lies north of St. Martin in the Eastern Caribbean. The flat, coral island is famous for its 33 jaw-dropping beaches. Shoal Bay East, on the north coast, is one of the most popular beaches. Small hotels and lively beach bars sit in between palm trees along the sand. Fountain Cave National Park, a cave 50 feet underground, contains ancient petroglyphs, rock carvings, and two freshwater pools. While that new resort sits at the quiet, western end of the beach.

The new resort is Zemi Beach House. The resort just opened last February and was named after a three-point stone that the Taino people, Anguilla’s original inhabitants, worshipped. You learn all of this during a golf-cart tour of the property upon your arrival. A cool towel and a fruity island beverage start to reduce your travel stress along the way. You completely forget about your delayed flight as soon as you see your room.

Photo: Zemi Beach House
Photo: Zemi Beach House

Your room is spacious, as expected. It’s has a cool gray floor, light-wood furniture, and crisp white linens. A Bluetooth sound system and motion-sensing climate control are among the modern amenities. Phone calls to the United States are free. Plus the bathroom has a deep-soaking tub. But the view from the balcony—of the turquoise water framed by palm trees—is truly the focus.

You quickly discover that the rest of the resort is just as peaceful. You start at 20 Knots, the beachfront restaurant, for lobster empanadas and Colombian prawn croquettes. You move to a sun lounger by the pool, where a sea breeze keeps you cool until a cocktail is delivered from the Shoal Bay Beach Club. You check out the Thai House Spa, which has a meditation garden filled with orchids, a yoga deck, and the island’s only hammam. Both the grapefruit-and-rosemary muscle melt (a deep-tissue massage) and the papaya-and-argan-oil body polish will make you return in the next few days. While the elegant Rhum Room serves more than 100 small-batch rums. It will be the ideal spot for an after-dinner drink. The best part: Few people have discovered this spot. Yet.


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  1. Hi. I am wondering if there are posters of the pictures on this page.
    Do you know who I would contact. I’d love a large print of one.
    Thank you for any info you might have.
    Sincerly, Nancy B Mathers

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