Ehden, Lebanon

Photo: Warwick Hotels and Resorts
Photo: Warwick Hotels and Resorts

Yesterday the view extended all the way to the Mediterranean Sea. From the pool, the restaurants, your suite, and just about everywhere else at the hotel, you had a panoramic view of the Kadisha Valley. You stared down rocky Mount al-Makmal, over the sprawling city of Tripoli, and across the bright blue water. This morning, the valley is covered with thick clouds.

You were surprised to see, well, very little when you slid to the edge of your bed to push open the curtains in your suite’s alcove. You wanted to stare at the sparkling water in the distance under the warm layers before actually getting out of bed. Eventually, you’d get dressed, head downstairs to find coffee, and start exploring Ehden. After the sun fully woke you up, of course.

Photo: Warwick Hotels and Resorts
Photo: Warwick Hotels and Resorts

So your plans change. You pull open the doors to the balcony instead of staying in bed. You expect to just breathe in the fresh air and start your day earlier than planned. But the view isn’t obscured like you expected. True, you can’t see Tripoli or the sea. Intead, the clouds look like they’ve tumbled down the mountain and filled in the valley. It’s a sea of white instead of a sea of blue. While it’s the mist that sparkles in the sunlight now.

This gorgeous view is courtesy of the aptly named Mist Hotel & Spa. The new hotel was built into the southwestern slopes of Mount al-Makmal in the Mount Lebanon range of northern Lebanon. The Monastery of Qozhaya, one of the oldest monasteries in the valley, is nearby. More places of worship, a protected nature reserve, and hiking trails—currently lined with brightly colored foliage—are beyond that. While the resort town of Ehden welcomes tourists fleeing the heat in the summer, skiers in the winter, and foodies year round. There’s a lot for you to explore once the clouds part.


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