Anse des Flamands, St. Barthélemy

Photo: Houses & Hotels Sibuet
Photo: Maisons & Hotels Sibuet

You love hotels. You love beach resorts, mountain chalets, and city escapes. You love boutique hotels and all-inclusive resorts. Basically, you never give up the chance to let someone else serve you breakfast, make your bed, and leave clean, fluffy towels in your bathroom. There’s one type of hotel that’s your absolute favorite, though. It’s a new one.

New hotels are the best. Few people have slept in your bed. The rooms don’t show any wear and tear. While the staff has yet to become bored or disgruntled. Right now, there’s a new one on St. Barts—an island you’d happily travel to anyway—to check out.

Villa Marie is brand new, as in less-than-a-week-old new. It used to be the Hotel François Plantation, a small hotel on the hillside above Anse des Flamands. A family that owns properties throughout France recently purchased and renovated the luxury hotel. Its hidden cottages, elegant restaurant (modeled after an old wooden boat), and gardens full of exotic plants remain. But its style is now brighter, more bohemian, and more whimsical than ever before.

Photo: Houses & Hotels Sibuet
Photo: Maisons & Hotels Sibuet

After landing at the airport in a puddle jumper—the island’s short runway can’t accommodate large aircraft—travel toward St. Barts’ northwestern tip to find Anse des Flamands. The gorgeous beach is a long and deep stretch of pure white sand. Palm trees, small hotels, and open-air restaurants border it on one side; clear water and, this time of year, strong surf laps against the other. While steep cliffs lead into the green hills behind it.

Villa Marie is hidden among those hills. Its bungalows have a colonial vibe, four-poster beds, and views of either the colorful gardens or the bright blue sea. You’ve chosen a Caribbean Bungalow, which features bright pops of orange and turquoise. The bathroom has a clawfoot tub. While the spacious terrace peeks over the bay. The rest of the hotel is just as peaceful. Bougainvillea, heliconia, and cacti surround the pool. The Pure Altitude Spa smells like jasmine. The scent of bouillabaisse is already trickling out of the restaurant. Plus a Royal Signature Mojito Coconut Punch is the perfect welcome at the bar. But best of all, everything is new . . . and flawless.


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