Maho, St. Maarten

Photo: Sonesta Ocean Point Resort
Photo: Sonesta Ocean Point Resort

It’s almost the end of January. You’ve made it through the new year, snowstorms, and a still-unbelievable inauguration this month. It’s time for a break. A warm, sunny break outside of the United States. Pack quickly. You can fly to St. Maarten in just four hours.

It doesn’t get much easier than a trip to St. Maarten. After that quick flight, you descend over Maho Beach, where airplanes famously fly directly over the sand. You swiftly move through customs and immigration, since you were on one of the first international flights to arrive this morning. Less than ten minutes later, you pull up to the Sonesta Ocean Point Resort.

The recently renovated Sonesta Ocean Point Resort sits on a cliff overlooking the Caribbean Sea on the Dutch side of the island. Tortuga Beach lies on one side. Mullet Bay is on the other. Maho Beach, a golf course, and the French side of the island are beyond that.

The resort itself is stunning. It’s modern and upscale. Whitewashed buildings are accented with stone walls and pops of turquoise. They in turn match the pools, which you can swim out to from some of the rooms, and the ocean beyond that. Everything from the beverages in your mini fridge to meals at the cliffside restaurant to butler service are included in the price. Plus it’s only for adults.

Photo: Sonesta Ocean Point Resort
Photo: Sonesta Ocean Point Resort

You’re greeted with a cold towel and, more importantly, a glass of sparkling wine when you arrive at the hotel. Given your early arrival, you expect your luggage to be held and your lunch options explained. Instead, both you and your luggage are escorted to your suite. It’s bright and airy, as expected. It also has an oversized closet, a USB charging station, and a perfect view from the balcony.

Most of the time, you’d start exploring right away. You’d book a Sint Maarten Island Flow Massage at the Serenity Spa, join a water aerobics class in the pool, and check to see what outdoor movie was planned for tonight. Not this time. Your first stop is the Sunset Lounge + Bar for a piña colada. Then you find an empty cabana at the edge of the pool. You have no plans beyond your rum-filled drink, the sunshine, and maybe a dip in the water to cool off until dinnertime. You certainly plan to eat at Azul, the cliffside restaurant with sweeping views of the Caribbean, after a sunset drink back at the gorgeous rooftop bar.

But that’s it. You’re ending January on a relaxed note.


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