Where to Find Winter

It’s been a strange winter. The temperature has dropped well below freezing a number of times. But when it’s been above freezing, it has strangely jumped into the 40s, the 50s, and even the low 60s. Snowflakes, which usually cover the ground this time of year, are nowhere to be seen. At least at home. Here are four places where you can still find real winter right now.

Photo: AYA Niseko
Photo: AYA Niseko

Kutchan: Travel to Japan’s second-largest island to find one of the snowiest places in the world, inactive volcanoes, lots of connected ski resorts, bowls of hot gosetsu udon, and a relaxing resort, where you can ease your achy muscles after a day on the slopes.

Photo: Manshausen
Photo: Manshausen

Manshausen: Make your way to Northern Norway to see the aurora borealis, waterfront cabins, white-sand beaches, a small marina, and snow-capped mountains above the Arctic Circle.

Photo: konikaori via freeimages.com
Photo: konikaori via freeimages.com

Žabljak: Return to one of your favorite summer destinations to enjoy a national park, glacial lakes, the second-largest canyon in the world, A-framed houses, and a winter sports center in Montenegro.

Photo: Chez Juju
Photo: Chez Juju

Oukaïmeden: Take a day trip from Marrakesh to explore the granite peaks, a chalet-style hotel and restaurant, 12 miles of ski trails, and lots of fluffy white snow in Morocco, one of the last places you expected to find winter.


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