Pristine Islands Do Still Exist

It’s getting harder and harder to find an undeveloped spot. People have put hotels and restaurants, shops and parking lots just about everywhere. Every once in a while, you yearn for places that are still untouched by human hands. You just have to keep traveling farther and farther to find them. But they are out there. Here are four remarkably pristine islands. Just be sure to leave them that way.

Photo: Madeira Regional Tourism Board
Photo: Madeira Regional Tourism Board

Selvagem Grande Island: Cross the Atlantic Ocean to find a wild archipelago, the southernmost point in Portugal, uninhabited islands, and one of the oldest nature reserves in the country on the Savage Islands.

Photo: The Economist
Photo: The Economist

Senkaku Islands: See uninhabited islands, a new lighthouse and wharf, endemic Senkaku moles, rare short-tailed albatrosses, jagged peaks, and fishing boats before a battle erupts in the Pacific Ocean.

Photo: Explore-Eritrea
Photo: Explore-Eritrea

Dahlak Kebir: Find diverse marine life, unusual seabirds, a marine national park, nearly 200 islands, herds of gazelles, pods of dolphins, and slow-moving dugongs on islands where time has stood still in the Red Sea.

Photo: E. Woehler via
Photo: E. Woehler via

Heard Island: Travel to one of the most remote places on Earth to find barren islands, snow-capped peaks, active volcanoes, old shipwrecks, seabirds, penguins, and seals in the southern Indian Ocean.


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