Perfect Little Lodges

Have you ever booked a vacation based simply on a hotel? It may sound crazy. But a gorgeous beach resort, a hidden bed and breakfast, or a perfectly placed chalet can help you fall in love with a destination you had never dreamed of visiting before. Here are four remote lodges that might help determine your next trip.

Photo: Hótel Flatey
Photo: Hótel Flatey

Iceland: Go beyond Reykjavík, ride a ferry from Stykkishólmur, dock on the largest island in Breiðafjörður, follow a single road, and pass colorful houses to find the only hotel on Flatey.

Photo: YTL Luxury Resorts
Photo: YTL Luxury Resorts

Malaysia: Escape to a remote island that’s part of a national park, is home to a virgin tropical rainforest, features white-sand beaches, and has a peaceful resort tucked in between mangroves and a sheltered coral reef on Pulau Gaya.

Photo: Machangulo Beach Lodge
Photo: Machangulo Beach Lodge

Mozambique: Leave the city to find mudflats, mangroves, sand dunes, white-sand beaches, flamingoes, a nature reserve, endangered sea turtles, and a hillside lodge in Machangulo.

Photo: Nigel McCall, Sealion Island
Photo: Nigel McCall, Sealion Island

Falkland Islands: Take a different kind of safari to find a little island, an old sheep farm, a nature reserve, seals, penguins, whales, seabirds, sea lions, and a lone lodge on Sea Lion Island.


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