Covington, Kentucky

Photo: Hotel Covington

How does a weekend full of bourbon and Southern food, log fireplaces and river views sound? A new boutique hotel, set in a historic building, is included, too, of course. You’re off to Covington.

Wait. Where? You’ve probably never heard of Covington, Kentucky, much less dreamed of traveling there. But you definitely know about—and have traveled through—Cincinnati, Ohio, which sits directly across the Ohio River. Cincinnati is known for its historic architecture, the oldest MLB team (the Cincinnati Reds), a thriving arts scene, and friendly Midwesterners. Two Northern Kentucky cities, Covington and Newport, usually get wrapped into Cincinnati. But when you cross the John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge, a Southern feel starts to creep into Covington. If you look closely, that is.

Covington was established in 1814 when European Americans claimed 150 acres, known as the Point. By the end of the century, its iron business had grown to become the largest iron fence maker in the world. Shortly thereafter, John Coppin used his horse-race winnings to build Coppin’s, a high-end department store. But Cincinnati continued to rule the area.

Photo: Hotel Covington

That’s slowly started to change. Roebling Point is now home to blue cafes, cozy bookstores, and a skyline-changing residential building. MainStrasse Village, an old German neighborhood, has cobblestone streets and green parks. Trendy clothing and lifestyle shops line the streets of the Central Business District. While Coppin’s Department Store recently reopened as Hotel Covington.

Hotel Covington immediately feels like not only a place you want to stay, but a place where you want to hang out. The old meets the new in the lobby, where a Southern Mule is offered as you check in, colorful velvet couches and chairs face a fireplace, and the Artisan Coffee Bar serves fair-trade beans. The open space extends into the bar, which is decorated with wooden barrels. Coppin’s Restaurant & Bar is focused on local sourcing and craft beer. Another bar, plus lawn games and movie nights, are set up on the patio. While the kitchen serves late-night treats, like beer brats cooked in Dead Blow Stout from the nearby Braxton Brewing Company, at the outside Walk Up.

The elegance-meets-ease vibe extends upstairs, as well. Sleek gray and white tones, soft fabrics, and floor-to-ceiling windows fill your Coppin King room. There are subway tiles and a walk-in shower in the bathroom. Amenities include local goodies in the mini-fridge, “hello handsome” hangers, and tokens for free coffees at the Artisan Coffee Bar, which would have been your first stop anyway, in the morning. Then you just have to convince yourself to go explore the rest of Covington—and maybe even Cincinnati—for the rest of the day.


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