Castiadas, Sardinia

Photo: La Villa del Re

It happens all the time. After months of planning your vacation, you finally arrive at the resort. You drop your luggage in your room, dig through your carry-on bag to find a bathing suit, and slather yourself with sunscreen. En route to the pool, you grab a beach towel and place an order for a fruity drink at the bar. Then you recline a lounger to start soaking up the sun and the view. It’s heaven . . . for about three minutes. Then there’s splashing, screaming, and, eventually, crying all around you. You’re surrounded by kids—and they’re definitely not yours.

That won’t happen at La Villa del Re. The beach resort doesn’t allow children. That’s right, you won’t be interrupted by fighting on the beach. You won’t have to maneuver around high chairs at dinner. Nor will you be woken by next-door fussing in the middle of the night.

La Villa del Re sits on the southeastern coast of Sardinia. It’s an easy drive from Cagliari, the medieval capital city where you arrived by ferry. It’s in Castiadas, a rural area that’s home to many Italian-Tunisians. Plus it overlooks a white-sand beach and the clear, turquoise Tyrrhenian Sea, which separates Sardinia from the Italian mainland.

Photo: La Villa del Re

As soon as you arrive at La Villa del Re, you know you made the right decision. The hotel is elegant, beachy, and spotless. The buildings’ stone facade, a traditional style in Sardinia, blends in with the surrounding area. Palm and pine trees envelope them. Low shrubs and colorful flowers—the lavender is blooming right now—line the walkways. Cream-colored couches and glass hurricane lanterns decorate the lobby. Outdoor tables and chairs extend well beyond the restaurant’s terrace. White stone encircles the infinity pool. It drops down to the private beach, where sheer curtains and retractable overhead shades create private spots around the sun loungers.

You’re escorted to your sea-view room with the promise that everything will be taken care of during your stay. You believe it when you see the special touches inside. The room has a Baroque style—with hardwood floors, a carved headboard, and rounded doors leading out to the terrace—as expected. There are fresh flowers and a bottle of Mirto (a local liqueur), as well. Tea time starts in a little while. Dinner, featuring fresh seafood and homemade pasta, at Le Palme Restaurant follows that. The restaurant’s own terrace, with its panoramic view, should be a perfect spot to eat as the sky turns pink.

But there’s still a bit of time before the evening’s festivities begin. You quickly change into your bathing suit, head down to the beach, and stop for an aperitif at the snack kiosk. As your drink is being poured, you look around at your beautiful surroundings and breathe in the salty air. It’s quiet, peaceful, and immediately relaxing. And there’s not a child in sight to ruin it.


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