Pretend the Summer Isn’t Over on These Beaches

It’s hard to say goodbye to the summer. The season is just too short. If you can’t bare to give up perfect weather and gorgeous beaches, it might be time to plan your next trip, so you can pretend that the summer lasts all year. We’re dreaming about Indonesia, the Philippines, Sierra Leone, and the Glorioso Islands as an autumn chill starts to fill the air.

Photo: Jorge Láscar via flickr

Gili Trawangan: Ride a ferry to a remote island, find colorful boats and dive shops and a turtle sanctuary, circle the island on a footpath, stay at a little beach resort surrounded by dense greenery, and stare at the uninterrupted view of the Bali Sea from a white-sand beach on the Gili Islands.

Photo: Amorita Resort

Barangay Tawala: Find one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, stare at limestone cliffs and wind-bent palm trees, snorkel in the “house” reef just steps from the shore, and hang out in sandy-floored bars before retreating to your ocean villa that overlooks it all on Panglao.


Dublin Island: Arrive on a bright orange speedboat, be greeted by a tribal chief, see an old church and a slave dock when you roam, scuba dive through rusted shipwrecks and their cannons, play volleyball on a popular beach, snorkel in calm water, and have a secluded beach all to yourself when you return to Sierra Leone.

Photo: TAAF (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons
Marine Park of the Glorieuses: Claim a deserted island as your own, find an old coconut plantation and lots of casuarina trees, watch nesting migratory seabirds, stare at rocks just offshore, and relax in calm lagoons on the Glorioso Islands.


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