A Nature Lover’s Guide to Northern Europe

You fell in love with Northern Europe’s cities a long time ago. Copenhagen, Reykjavík, Stockholm, and, now, Helsinki, are some of the coolest cities in the world. But you rarely venture beyond them. It’s time to see more of Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. After a few days in the cool capitals, of course.

Photo: N. Preseault

Hveragerði: Iceland’s Reykjadalur Hot Spring River Trail is lined with steam spurting from small crevasses, holes filled with bubbling mud, and “hætta” signs warning of dangerous areas. It ends at a heated river, where you can bathe in sulfur-scented water.

Photo: Christiansø

Christiansø: The tiny archipelago of Ertholmene is a picturesque spot that seems frozen in time. Its Christiansø Lighthouse was the first lighthouse with a flashing light in Denmark; it continues to act as a beacon in the windswept Baltic Sea.

Photo: Wanås Restaurant Hotel

Knislinge: Wanås is home to a 15th-century Swedish castle, a sculpture park, organic gardens, and beech forests. Last year, the estate’s 18th-century farmhouse was turned into a design hotel.


Photo: © Maxmo municapality via UNESCO World Heritage Centre

Björkö: Finland’s Kvarken Archipelago is known for its unique landscape thanks to the heavy glaciers that used to cover it. It’s now a beautiful, peaceful UNESCO World Heritage Site where you’ll plenty of freedom to roam.


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