Trips Filled with History Lessons

Are heavy doses of history musts on your vacations? If so, here are five, off-the-beaten-path destinations for you to consider next year. They’ll take you to Europe, Asia, and beyond.

Photo: Żeglarz [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons
Szczecin: Poland has a city that resembles Paris. It has Gothic and Renaissance buildings along the Oder river, a little Old Town above a waterfront promenade, a castle, a national museum, a cathedral, and a luxury hotel in a restored Neo-Renaissance villa.

Photo: Official Website of Albanian National Tourism Agency

Butrint National Park: Albania has a forgotten national park. The Greeks built a fortified city with an acropolis and a theater. The Romans added an aqueduct, a bathhouse, and a nymphaeum. The Byzantines turned it into an ecclesiastical center. The Venetians and the Ottomans eventually took over to control the strategic spot along the Ionian Sea.

Photo: The River Resort

Champasak: Laos has a sleepy little village that was once the seat of the Kingdom of Champasak. French Colonial architecture, crumbling shophouses, and ancient temples now sit along the banks of the Mekong.

Photo: Hunny Alrohaif via flickr

Failaka Island: Kuwait’s longest continuously inhabited spot is an island. It’s covered with historic sites: the ruins of a Babylonian palace, a Hellenistic fort, a Characene station, and Nestorian churches.

Photo: Ben Tullis from Cambridge, United Kingdom (Signy, the base and the bay) [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons
Signy Island: The South Orkney Islands are a scientific research base. The small archipelago off the Antarctic Peninsula’s northeastern tip is home to a biological research station, colonies of breeding birds, and Antarctic fur seals.


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