Punta Fenaio, Italy

Photo: Resort Faro di Punta Fenaio

This is what you call lunch with a view. You have a glass of amber-hued wine in your hand. A plate of pasta alle vongole (spaghetti with clams) and warm focaccia sit in front of you. The backdrop is a red-and-white lighthouse nestled among granite rocks. It all overlooks the sapphire Tyrrhenian Sea.

Though you just arrived a little while ago, you’re already smitten with Isola Del Giglio (Giglio Island). Correction: You’re already smitten with Resort Faro di Punta Fenaio. You’ll probably love the rest of the island, as well. You just haven’t seen much of it yet. A ferry from Porto Santo Stefano, on the Tuscan coast, docked at Giglio Porto this morning. You transferred from the large Toremar ferry to the resort’s little Sophia. Fresh fruit and cold drinks were waiting on the much smaller boat. Then it glided along the island’s northeast coast until it reached the northern tip.

The Italian Navy built the Punta Fenaio lighthouse, as well as the Punta di Capel Rosso lighthouse on the island’s southern tip, in 1883. Families operated the octagonal lighthouse until the 1980s when all of Italy’s lighthouses were automated. For years, the building sat empty. It was recently turned into a unique little resort.

Resort Faro di Punta Fenaio has eight rooms and suites, whose names were inspired by the wind and the stars. Each of the elegant, cozy spaces has a leather headboard, crisp linens, and either a patio or a terrace. A Morning Emotion breakfast spread is served on the Brezza del Mattino terrace. Freshly caught fish and local Ansonaco wine are the stars at Il Rifugio della Sentinella the rest of the day. While, besides eating, your plans don’t extend much beyond reading, sunning, and, probably, sleeping on another terrace overlooking the water. Eventually, you might follow an old mule trail farther inland to see more of the mountainous little island. You’d have to tear yourself away from this idyllic little spot first.


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