Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Photo: La Casa Que Canta

It’s been years since you’ve traveled to Zihuatanejo. You’re not even sure why. The Costa Grande, along the southwest coast of Mexico, has breathtaking scenery. The 200-mile stretch, in the state of Guerrero, lies in between the Sierra Madre del Sur mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Zihua sits in well-protected Zihuatanejo Bay. The fishing village may no longer be sleepy, but it hasn’t lost its charm as it’s grown. While small hotels, which cling to the sides of rocky cliffs, look like they’re tumbling down to Playa La Ropa’s white sand.

It was a new hotel that got you thinking about Zihua again. The sleek hotel opened at the end of last year. It’s a boutique hotel group’s third property in Mexico. It has minimal rooms, a wood-fired restaurant, and tequila-and-ceviche tastings. It’s even one of Zihua’s few beachfront properties. But, just as you started planning your next beach trip, the hip hotel group was purchased by a huge hospitality company. Your dream dimmed.

At least the dream of staying at this particular hotel dimmed. You couldn’t get Zihua out of your mind, though. During your last trip, your suite had a huge terrace, an infinity plunge pool, and a view across the bay. You tasted guacamole when you arrived, ate traditional seafood pozole at an open-air restaurant, and sipped spicy margaritas as the sun began to set. You even enjoyed working out, since the gym had a sweeping view of the water. Something finally clicks. You don’t need a new place to return to Zihua. You already know an amazing boutique hotel there.

Photo: La Casa Que Canta

La Casa Que Canta is the type of place about which you still rave years later. The House That Sings has architecture that cascades down the hillside. Its adobe buildings have terra-cotta walls, thatched roofs, and wooden furniture. Hidden nooks, secluded decks, and folk art seem to be around every corner. Generously sized suites are stocked with complimentary minibars, fresh fruit, and organic toiletries. Two pools, a restaurant, and a spa were carved into the rocks. While the gracious staff proves why Mexican service can’t be topped. It’s not surprising that the hotel has appeared on so many best lists around the world.

Your favorite part of La Casa Que Canta was, hands down, your room. You upgraded to an oceanfront master pool suite. It was totally worth it. A king-size bed and a walk-in dressing room were in the bedroom. The bathroom’s oversized shower was made of pink marble. But most of your time was spent outside. There was a covered sitting area with huge potted palms. It led to the terrace with the plunge pool, two sun loungers, and a hammock. It was better than home. So what are you waiting for? Isn’t it time you return to both Zihua and this amazing hotel?


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