Sane, Greece

Photo: Sani Resort

It’s getting hot. Very hot. Despite setting out early, the heat caught up with you. You were hoping to finish your hike—along the west coast of the Kassandra Peninsula—before the sun was this high in the sky. The views were too pretty, though. You walked through pine forests and around ancient villages. You saw colorful butterflies and lazy lizards. While clifftop lookouts framed the sparkling Aegean Sea. So you went farther—much farther—than you intended. Now you’re drenched in sweat.

It’s okay. You’re heading back toward your resort now. Sani Dunes sits on a private beach. Perfectly spaced white sun loungers and umbrellas dot its golden sand. It surrounds the largest pool in Greece. Narrow bridges, small islands, and a swim-up bar fill its nooks and crannies. It features a hidden spa. High glass windows stand between another pool and fragrant gardens. Plus the Sani Marina is only steps away. A piazza, restaurants, and shops line the yacht-filled docks. There are plenty of spots for you to cool off.

Sani Dunes is part of the Sani Resort. The 1,000-acre property is home to five unique hotels with spas, seven gorgeous beaches, and 40 bars and restaurants. The extensive property lies north of Sane, an ancient city that was part of the Delian League. The city, along with the rest of the Kassandra Peninsula, produces some of the best honey in the world. It’s one of the three legs of the larger Halkidiki Peninsula, Central Macedonia’s most popular summer destination.

Photo: Sani Resort

Tourists started flocking to the Halkidiki Peninsula in the 1950s. That’s when Greeks from Thessaloniki, the country’s second-largest city, began spending summers farther down the coast. Austrians and Germans followed in the 1960s. A decade later, everyone else finally caught on.

Given this, you worried that the Sani Resort would feel overcrowded. It doesn’t, especially at Sani Dunes. This part of the resort feels like it’s cut off from the outside world. It’s vibe is chic and modern. Its decor is soft and understated. Its rooms are comfy oases that flow outside. While its restaurants feature a Michelin-starred chef, fresh seafood, local wine, and the honey about which everyone keeps talking. So bring on the heat. You’re fully embracing the way the Greeks do summer.


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