Speightstown, Barbados

Photo: Cobblers Cove

Early evening is the quietest time of the day on a beach trip. It’s not first thing in the morning when the grounds crew is watering the bougainvillea and raking seaweed off the beach. You’re too excited about planning the day’s adventures. It’s not after lunch when the combination of too much food and the hot, midday sun makes you sleepy. You always have one eye on your watch, so you don’t miss your spa appointment. Nor is it the end of the night when all you hear are lightly crashing waves. You’re focused on long-awaited couple time at that point.

But 5 pm is different. The beach day ended when shadows crept over the sand. Afternoon tea on the terrace finished once the finger sandwiches and the scones disappeared. Then you limited yourself to one sundowner, a Cobblers Cooler, at the pool bar, so you wouldn’t be tipsy for your alfresco dinner at Camelot. Now you have a full hour to sit on your balcony and enjoy the gorgeous view before you have to get ready.

This peaceful moment was well planned by Cobblers Cove. White wicker loungers with paisley-printed pillows overlook turquoise Godings Bay. Louvered doors, tilted to catch the sea breeze, stand between them and your suite. The white furniture and the pastel color scheme flow inside to the living room and the bedroom. Pretty tiled floors and seersucker robes are in the bathroom. Plus the not-so-standard amenities even include a beach bag.

Photo: Cobblers Cove

Cobblers Cove sits on Barbados’ Platinum Coast. The island’s west coast is famous for its white-sand beaches, sprawling beach houses, and luxury resorts. This one isn’t new, though. The Great House, a pink-and-white mansion, was built in the 1940s. The former sugar plantation was a private home before being turned into a hotel, which effortlessly combines British colonial elegance with Caribbean charm. Recent renovations added an extra touch of sophistication.

The Great House is the center of the hotel. It features a grand hallway, an open staircase, a cozy library, and the chic restaurant. Tropical gardens surround one side of the building. A kidney-shaped pool, a narrow stretch of sand, and the calm sea are on the other. While U-shaped cottages, which contain the suites, stretch out to the sides.

After relaxing for about an hour, you take a quick shower and slip into a cute cocktail dress. Dinner at Camelot, one of the island’s best restaurants, is an intimate affair. You’ll eat lobster and octopus carpaccio as you sip a glass of rosé wine. You’ll watch the sunset when poached shrimp and scallops in a coconut-and-lime sauce are set in front you. Then you’ll dream about the rest of your trip over pineapple cheesecake and one more glass of wine. Escaping to Barbados is always a good idea.


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