Haut-Shippagan, Canada

Photo: Cielo Glamping Maritime

All of your friends are camping this summer. Sure, it looks idyllic. They find remote locations, peaceful spots, and beautiful sunsets. But they also have to carry their own equipment, sleep on the ground, and cook their own food. No thanks. There is an in-between option, though. It’s called glamping.

Cielo Glamping Maritime sits on the northeast coast of New Brunswick—so it’s remote. It lies in between the forest and the sea outside of a small fishing town on the Acadian Peninsula—so it’s peaceful. It faces west toward Munro Island and the setting sun—so it’s beautiful. But it doesn’t come with any of camping’s hassles.

Five domes have their own bathrooms, kitchens, pellet stoves, and air conditioners. Brooklinen sheets and handwoven blankets are on the queen-size beds. There are even barbecues, frequent shrimp boils, and a real bar on site. You would be quite comfortable here.

It gets better. A skylight above the second-floor (multiple levels!) sofa lets you gaze at the stars without worrying about mosquitos. An outside shower and a wood-fired hot tub are built into the wooden deck outside. A waterfront hammock is just a few feet away. Plus you can grab a paddleboard, head out to the island, and go digging for your own clams.

Cielo’s owners have really thought of everything. They found a gorgeous spot. They created a perfect summer atmosphere. While, most importantly, they’ve completely taken camping out of the equation.


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