Stacze, Poland

Photo: Masuria Arte Dwór & Restauracja & SPA

The lazy days of summer are quickly coming to an end. August is almost over. The sun is setting earlier and earlier each night. Plus you feel a slight chill, instead of a blast of humidity, when the wind blows. But you’re going to ignore these signs for one more weekend.

It’s easy to pretend that your favorite season isn’t ending when you’re hiding at a lake. This one, Lake Stackie, is in Northern Poland. It’s part of the Masurian Lake District, which contains more than 2,000 lakes. Plus it’s home to a manor house that was turned into an elegant hotel.

Masuria Arte Manor & Spa is a secluded retreat outside of Stacze, a small village that was part of East Prussia until the end of World War II. The manor house sits on 200 acres that include expansive lawns, tall-grass meadows, and dense forests. Its two main buildings contain the cozy reception area, the posh restaurant, and the holistic spa. Fourteen large suites are spread between their top floors and three smaller houses. A huge terrace is also dotted with plush chairs and couches. It has a view of the private beach and the peaceful lake.

Photo: Masuria Arte Dwór & Restauracja & SPA

You’re in Suite 13 in one of the small houses. While some of the suites contain original furniture and historic character, this one is completely modern. A shared living room, with big windows and beachy furniture, is on the first floor. The upstairs bedroom features wooden floors, striped walls, and a little writing desk. The queen-size bed, topped with crisp white sheets, faces the balcony and the lake. You open the curtains and the French doors as soon as you wake up in the morning.

Eventually, you head to the main building for breakfast. The restaurant is casual and flooded with light right now. Wooden tables and white chairs stand atop the hardwood floor. Fresh flowers rise toward the wood-beamed ceiling. While an extensive spread—bread from a local baker, fresh-from-the-garden tomatoes, muesli, cheeses, jams, and herbal teas—is set out for grazing. The vibe will change later when white tablecloths, dimly lit chandeliers, and flickering candles set the stage for the dinner menu that changes nightly.

You’re certainly not ready to think about dinner yet. After you finish your tea, you’ll head to the spa for a Rosy Glow facial and relaxation time by the massive windows near the indoor infinity pool. When it warms up in the middle of the day, you’ll move outside to kayak around the lake and absorb some vitamin D. The late afternoon is reserved for tennis. Then you’ll return to the terrace for cocktails as the sun starts to set. Summer definitely isn’t over yet.


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