Quimixto, Mexico

Photo: Xinalani

You just need a moment. Or a few hours. Or a few days. This time of year is stressful. The Thanksgiving weekend felt like it was never going to end. The real holidays are right around the corner. So any time you can carve out for yourself will only make the end of the year more pleasant for everyone around you.

It sounds like someone needs a quick getaway. A little bit of time for yoga, meditation, and the beach would do you wonders. So you book a last-minute flight to Puerto Vallarta. You throw workout gear, a couple of bikinis, and sunscreen in a carry-on bag. Then you head to the airport. You can text your family your plans closer to your departure time.

Your destination isn’t actually Vallarta. The west coast city is fun, but not exactly what you need right now. So you take a taxi to the marina after landing. A panga (a typical Mexican fishing boat) is awaiting your arrival. You grab the side of the boat as the engine revs, the boat picks up speed, and you start to glide across the clear blue water. Forty-five minutes later, the driver turns off the motor and drifts toward Playa Xinalani.

Photo: Xinalani

Playa Xinalani is Xinalani’s private beach. The little eco-resort is only accessible from the water. Its suites and casitas are tucked into a jungle-shrouded hillside. Playas Quimixto and Las Ánimas, two popular beaches known for their rustic seafood restaurants, are on either side of this hidden cove. While Bahía de Banderas, home to Vallarta and all the big resorts, can be seen in the distance.

You’re no longer concerned with what’s in the distance, though. Your focus is on the chic little resort in front of you. Its buildings, created and furnished by local artisans, are spread across 12 acres. They’re stilted, thatched, and full of driftwood beams and poles. They’re all open-air, as well. So your Eco-Chic Suite only has three walls. A hammock dangles in front of the terrace where the fourth one would normally be. Mosquito netting is included, of course. So is an uninterrupted view of the Pacific Ocean.

Once you’ve settled into your suite, it’s time to check out the rest of the resort. It’s focused on wellness. There are six yoga studios, meditation classes, and a temazcal (an ancient sweat lodge). The oceanfront spa offers Happy Yogi Massages. The beachfront restaurant plans its meals around locally grown produce and freshly caught fish. All diets—including gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan—are easily accommodated. While tours are planned to hike to rainforest waterfalls, zipline through the canopy, and swim with wild dolphins. You’ll be a sunkissed elf by the time you return home.


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