The Best of Virginia

What’s your pleasure? Art. Country music. Craft beer. Historic sites. Horses. Islands. Legendary restaurants. Oysters. Wine. Old Dominion has them all. These eight destinations will show you exactly why “Virginia is for Lovers.”

Photo: The Bristol Hotel

Bristol: Start a long weekend with drinks and appetizers with a view, a glass-enclosed fire pit, a local band, and flickering city lights with the Appalachian Mountains in the background in the Birthplace of Country Music.

Photo: The Clifton

Charlottesville: Return to a boutique hotel after following the Monticello Wine Trail, a day of wine tastings, a visit at a new tasting room, and buying a takeaway growler near the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Photo: Salamander Hotels & Resorts

Middleburg: Visit large horse farms, acclaimed vineyards, tree-lined streets, historic little towns, the oldest continually operating inn in the country, and a country estate with a crackling fire in Northern Virginia.

Photo: O’Connor Brewing Co.

Norfolk: Slow down to savor craft beer, local breweries, food trucks, live music, and colorful Adirondack chairs near the largest naval base in the world.

Photo: Destination Hotels

Richmond: Reacquaint yourself with historical sites, a blossoming arts scene, small boutiques, farm-to-table restaurants, and an art-filled hotel in the Capital of the South.


Tangier Island: Ride the ferry to a remote island, a British staging area during the War of 1812, fishermen’s shanties, crab traps, old homes, a history museum, and a crab house in the Chesapeake Bay.

Photo: Rappahannock Oyster Co.

Topping: Head to a different type of tasting room, the banks of the Rappahannock River, an outdoor grill, and all the oysters you can eat upriver from the Chesapeake Bay.

Photo: The Inn at Little Washington

Washington: Drive out to a rural part of the state for French techniques, locally grown and raised food, farm-to-table cuisine, private-label wine, an amazing dinner, and a tour of the kitchen.


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