Pinzolo, Italy

Photo: Lefay Resorts

The Red Phoenix with Finnish saunas, cold-water baths, sensory showers, a Kneipp path, and an ice waterfall. The White Tiger has tepidariums with different temperature and humidity zones. The Black Tortoise features a saltwater lake and a salt grotto. The Green Dragon includes aromatic dry saunas. Pools range from indoor and outdoor to heated and iced to salt and magnesium-rich. While treatments combine homemade olive oil, flowers and plants from the surrounding mountains, and delicate techniques. The results equal pure relaxation.

Lefay SPA Dolomiti is a huge wellness temple. It spans 5,000 square meters over four floors. One of those floors—the entire floor—is an extensive fitness center. The others incorporate five circuits, nine saunas, numerous pools, and plenty of relaxation areas. Plus it overlooks fir trees and limestone peaks. They’re still covered with snow right now.

The spa is worth a visit on its own. The new resort it’s at makes it a true destination. Lefay Resort & SPA Dolomiti just opened last summer. It’s surrounded by the UNESCO-protected Domolites high in the Alps. It’s a quick walk to Madonna di Camapiglio, a ski resort that’s home to 93 miles of trails and the famous via ferreta climbing route. It sits above Pinzolo, a charming town known for its frescoed church and Michelin-starred restaurants, in the Sarca River’s Val Rendena. They’re all part of the autonomous region of Trentino.

Photo: Lefay Resorts

Your focus will undoubtedly be on the resort, though. It’s stunning. The striking building is made of black aluminum, larch, and glass. Oak and silver birch tree branches connect the inside decor with the outside view. Natural fabrics and neutral colors also marry the two. The sleek look flows into the suites. The cozy, but by no means small, spaces have velvet couches, wall-mounted fireplaces, and freestanding bathtubs. Fresh apples and warm beverages (herbal tea and Illy coffee) extend the spa vibe.

Even the restaurants are oases. Grual is an organic restaurant that serves eight- and 12-course menus, called the Path and the Peak, respectively. Every ingredient comes from a specific altitude: the high mountain, the alpine pasture, or the valley floor. Local wine pairings are part of the enchanted-forest experience. Dolomia is more casual. Its floor-to-ceiling windows allow you to soak up the mountain view while eating more traditional dishes. Its dessert buffet is an unexpected treat. So is Sky Lounge, a bar with hurricane lanterns and a gas fireplace on its terrace.

The bar’s fresh air will be a good reminder to venture outside and make the mountains more than a gorgeous view. In addition to ski slopes and the via ferrata, there are also cross-country tracks, snowboard parks, snowshoe paths, mountain bike trails, and waterfall hikes. The heart-pumping activities will make you appreciate your relaxation time even more.


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