Livadia, Greece

Photo: Parilio Hotel

Unpause. After months of being cooped up, it’s finally time to start thinking about traveling again. It’ll be scary at first. Taxis, airports, and airplanes are going to feel weird. But the thought of going somewhere, anywhere, is thrilling. You can start by reviving the Greek trip that you had to cancel.

You originally planned to go to Paros at the end of May. Late spring is your favorite time of year in the Cyclades. Neither the oppressive heat nor the hoards of tourists have returned yet. The end of June shouldn’t be too bad, though. Ferries won’t be overcrowded. Waterfront restaurants will still have outdoor tables available. Beaches should still have space for social distancing. Plus your hotel will just be starting to welcome guests again.

Parilio is a gorgeous design hotel on Paros’ north coast. It just opened last summer, so it only had a few months under its belt when it closed for the season in October. It sits in between Kolympithres, a beautiful beach bordered by huge granite rocks, and Naoussa, a quaint fishing village. It has a view of the hillside Mycenaean Acropolis and the sparkling Mediterranean Sea. While its block-white architecture blends perfectly with the whitewashed buildings around the island.

Photo: Parilio Hotel

Since those white blocks have sharp lines, lots of natural materials were added to maintain a streamlined appearance. Concrete columns. Wooden shutters. Terracotta floors. Parian marble. A subdued color palette. Bespoke furniture. Huge urns. North African ceramics. The minimal vibe flows into the spacious suites. They feature embroidered wall hangings, walk-in rainfall showers, and lots of outdoor living space. Uranus Suites add jacuzzis on their decks. Sun Suites include private pools. They all feel like little sanctuaries.

But with only 33 suites, the hotel never feels crowded. The cross-shaped pool, which has its own rock formations built into its sides, is flanked by gray sunbeds and cream umbrellas. Mojitos and courgette fritters will be delivered either poolside or to shaded canvas chairs from the pool bar during the day. Breakfast and dinner are served at Mr. E, a chic restaurant with arched windows and plenty of terrace seating. There’s a small, Asian-themed spa that uses organic ila Spa products. And, if you can tear yourself away, a shuttle runs to both the beach and Naoussa. On second thought, it doesn’t seem like it’ll be that hard to fall back into your travel routine after all.


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