Naples, Florida

Photo: Edgewater Beach Hotel

Okay, Florida. It’s time to get your act together. People are going to need a vacation this winter. It should be somewhere warm, away from the snow, for at least a few days. They can’t go abroad; very few countries are allowing Americans in right now. So the focus turns to the Sunshine State, where everyone needs to ramp up testing, wear masks, and, for goodness’ sake, stop going to bars. Tourists will come, boosting your economy in the process, if they feel safe.

If there’s one city that should be able to pull itself together, it’s Naples. The west coast city, named for the sun-drenched Italian port, was planned as a beach town in the 1880s. Since then, it’s become one of the wealthiest cities with one of the largest proportion of millionaires in the United States. It’s also wedged in between the Gulf of Mexico and the Everglades. Gorgeous beaches line the coast. National parks, sanctuaries, and wildlife refuges surround it. Naples is an ideal vacation spot.

You already have your Naples hotel picked out. Edgewater Beach Hotel sits right on the city’s seven-mile, white-sand beach. This is Naples’ only all-suite hotel. Those suites are spread across a sleek tower and two courtyard buildings. Twin pools, lined with blue sun loungers, lie in between the shorter structures. The gulf’s turquoise water is never far from sight.

Photo: Edgewater Beach Hotel

So Edgewater Beach Hotel definitely has curb appeal. Now that welcoming vibe just needs to extend inside. The lobby sets the tone with its minimal decor and sparkling-wine greeting. The stress from traveling immediately washes away. From there, you head to your one-bedroom beachfront suite. It’s more spacious than you expected and features a full gourmet kitchen, a cozy living room, and a carved-wood bed. A whole wall of windows overlooks a long balcony, the beach, and the water. There’s no doubt you’ll be able to relax here.

If you do decide to leave your suite, you’ll find the same elegance throughout the rest of the hotel. Coast, a sleek seafood restaurant, has indoor and outdoor dining. A milk-and-cookies buffet is set up in the afternoon. The Pool Bar offers tropical cocktails and a sunset menu at the end of the day. A beachfront fire pit, circled by white Adirondack chairs, is a perfect spot to sip your drink. Then the Edgewater Trolley, an oversized golf cart, is ready to escort you to Downtown Naples if you want to browse galleries, peek in shops, or try other restaurants. Just don’t forget your mask.


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