Egmont, Canada

Photo: West Coast Wilderness Lodge

“Please don’t mess up my (insert season here) travel plans.” You’ve been repeating this over and over again for the past year. It’s getting old. Last spring was inevitable. No one was going anywhere. But the optimist in you kept planning for summer, fall, and winter trips that never happened. Now you’re back to spring. Will the time finally come?

After a series of big disappointments, you hope to restart with a small trip. The size is only in terms of distance, though. Instead of sitting on an airplane for endless hours, you just want to cross the northern border into British Columbia. That sounds easy. You’ve done it many times before. But nonessential travel between Canada and the United States was banned last March. The order has been extended on a nearly-monthly basis ever since. So Vancouver and the Sunshine Coast remain just out of reach.

Back to thinking positive. The gloriously named Sunshine Coast has been on your radar for a long time. It just never reached the top of your wish list. This is a 110-mile stretch of coastline that lies northwest of Vancouver and across the Strait of Georgia from Vancouver Island. It sounds like it would be overrun with tourists due to its location. Not true. This is a surprisingly rural part of the province since no roads, only ferries and small airplanes, lead to it. The land is covered with alpine peaks, old-growth forests, untouched rainforests, and marshy bird sanctuaries. Towns are tiny and isolated. While the area receives more than 300 days of sunshine each year. It’s a paradise for people who like to spend as much time biking, hiking, and kayaking as possible.

Photo: West Coast Wilderness Lodge

Your eye is on Egmont. The little fishing town sits near the northern tip of the Sechelt Peninsula. It’s easily accessible from the dock in Earls Cove. Skookumchuck Narrows Provincial Park, where coastal tides create powerful rapids, lies just south of town. The Jervis Inlet, a fjord that winds around snowcapped mountains and up to spectacular waterfalls, flows just to the north. Plus a rustic lodge, perched on the edge of a bluff, is perfectly placed to take advantage of the view. Egmont is an ideal adventure hub.

That lodge is the eco-friendly West Coast Wilderness Lodge. Its main lodge features exposed beams, a lounge with a big fireplace, and a dining room with floor-to-ceiling windows. Wooden decks, with cozy seating areas and a cliffside hot tub, extend from it. Twenty-six rooms and suites feel like you’re either stepping into the cedar forest or hanging above the water. It’ll be impossible to continue to feel stressed in a spot like this, especially once you order a glass—actually, you deserve a bottle—of a Pinto Gris from British Columbia and a bowl of Salt Spring Island mussels out on the deck. You can taste the salt air already. Pretty please, let your spring dream come true.


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