Xinfeng, China

Photo: Hidden House
Photo: Hidden House

Each time you return to China, you dig a little deeper. First, you followed the tourist trail through Beijing, Xi’an, and Shanghai. Then you broke away from the crowd to explore Hangzhou and West Lake. Still curious, you followed the Fuchun River toward quieter lakes and the Fuchun Mountains. Most people would have stopped there. But the gorgeous scenery propelled you even farther into the countryside.

That’s how, two hours later, you end up in rural Xinfeng. The area is known for the Xinfengjiang Reservoir, a manmade lake with crystal-clear water, and Lowak Coffee’s green coffee beans. But lately, there’s another reason people are traveling all the way to Xinfeng. There’s a new little hideaway on Daijia Mountain.

Photo: Hidden House
Photo: Hidden House

The aptly named Hidden House is surrounded by terraced fields and thick bamboo forests. Stone walkways connect whitewashed buildings and expand into secluded terraces with wooden chairs and tree-stump tables. The five rooms are minimal, though surprisingly modern. Your cottage has floor-to-ceiling windows, a concrete floor, and a silk-draped bed. A rainfall shower is in the bathroom. An iPod dock sits on the nightstand. But the most comfortable feature is actually outside of the room.

You go outside to find a raised balcony with a large stone fireplace and a hot tub. That’s right, you have your own hot tub in the middle of, well, nowhere. You can listen to birds and the rustling of the trees when you wake up in the morning. You can soak in the hot water when you return from hiking through the forest. Or you can watch the stars brighten the pitch-black sky after eating a hearty, homestyle Chinese dinner in the main house. You finally found what you were searching for in China.


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