The Best New Vacation Spots

The best vacation spots are the new ones. From Bermuda to China to Uruguay, here are two hotels and one winery that you should check out after the new year. Then find out what’s about to become Africa’s newest hot spot.

Photo: Elbow Beach Bermuda
Photo: Elbow Beach Bermuda

Paget Parish: Head to Bermuda to escape winter, relax on a pink-sand beach, swim in bath-like water, and stay at a newly renovated hotel on Elbow Beach.

Photo: Hidden House
Photo: Hidden House

Xinfeng: Escape to the countryside of China to find a manmade lake with crystal-clear water, green coffee beans, and a little mountain hideaway surrounded by terraced fields and thick bamboo forests.

Photo: Bodega Garzón
Photo: Bodega Garzón

Garzón: Extend your beach trip to Uruguay to head inland, find a picturesque village with an old railway station and a historic chapel, taste olive oil, and sip Tannat wine on the hillside terrace of a modern new winery.

Photo: Embassy of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea
Photo: Embassy of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

Corisco: Keep an eye on the Gulf of Guinea, where a five-star hotel will bring jobs, tourism, and (hopefully) changes in government policies to Equatorial Guinea.


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