Places You’ll Start Dreaming About Due to New Hotels

Sometimes all it takes is a new hotel to make you look at a destination in a new light. You’ll be ready to stay planning trips to Costa Rica, Portugal, Georgia, Indonesia, and even Guinea once you see where you can now stay. Bonus: You’ll discover these spots before everyone else.

Photo: Casa Chameleon Hotels

Las Catalinas: Discover a new beach town along the Pacific coast, stay in a cliffside villa with your own plunge pool, start the day with a strong café con leche, hike through a natural forest reserve with howler monkeys, and spend the day on the beach in Costa Rica.

Photo: Sublime Comporta Country House Retreat

Grândola: Escape the city for a gorgeous white-sand beach, bike rides around rice fields, traditional dinners with local Parus wine, a heavenly spa, and a cabana with a freestanding tub in Portugal.

Photo: Hotel Kabadoni

Signagi: Explore one of the oldest wine-making countries in the world, see fortifications and castles and monasteries, walk along defense walls and narrow cobblestone streets, and learn about unfamiliar grapes at a new boutique hotel in Georgia.

Photo: Bunaken Oasis Dive Resort & Spa

Bunaken: Travel to a remote marine park, find islands formed by volcanoes millions of years ago, snorkel and scuba dive among clear water and pristine reefs, and stay at a new resort in Indonesia.

Photo: Mangalis Hotel Group

Conakry: Ease into West Africa with a new hotel, modern suites, a gorgeous infinity pool, fruity cocktails, and views of the Atlantic Ocean in Guinea.


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