Shanghai, China

Photo: Shangri-La International Hotel Management

A beer, please! You just got off a very long flight and are riding the maglev train into the city. You’re hungry, exhausted, and, if you’re being honest, a little bit cranky. You need some food, a shower, and a nap as soon as possible. But you’re craving a cold beer first. Finding one just got a little bit easier in Shanghai.

Shanghai is in the midst of a beer revolution. Seriously. A beer in one of the world’s largest cities used to be warm and pretty unappealing. In the last few years, breweries and bottle shops have been popping up along already bar-filled Yongkang Road. You can now drink craft IPAs, lagers, and seasonal brews, thanks to the large expat community, after exploring the Bund, the Oriental Pearl Tower, and the Yu Garden. You’ll make your way to Tap House and Le Café des Stagiaires eventually. But first, you’ll start at your hotel.

Kerry Hotel isn’t the type of hotel you normally select. It’s in Pudong, a district on the east bank of the Huangpu River, that’s known as the financial hub of the city. It’s in a modern glass skyscraper among the tallest buildings. Plus, with almost 600 rooms, it’s huge. But the hotel is near Century Park, the largest park in Shanghai. Its rooms are sleek and modern. There’s a gorgeous indoor pool. And it has its own brewery. That’s right, after dropping off your luggage, you can go back downstairs to quench your thirst.

The Brew knows beer. The brewery, which is located on the third floor above the bar, was designed by an Australian. Its head brewer is an American from Georgia. They make six beers and one cider in their spaceship-like fermenters. It’s served in flights, glasses, and mini kegs—for groups to self-serve themselves—at both the indoor wooden tables and outside in the beer garden. Pub-style food, tours, and live music are available, as well. While happy hour—featuring a buy one, get one free offer—runs from 3-8 pm each day.

So start with the flight—to see whether you like their sour or wheat beer—before ordering a glass of your favorite. You’ll sleep well and be ready to start learning your way around Shanghai tomorrow morning.


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