Cities You Must Reconsider

There are cities that you think you have all figured out. You’ve seen their major sites, learned how to use their public transportation, tasted the dishes for which they’re known, and created stereotypes based on just a handful of people. So you give up on them in favor of places you’ve yet to discover. That’s a mistake. Here are four cities around the word that are constantly changing—and therefore deserve a second, a third, or a fourth look.

Photo: Hotel De’ Ricci

Rome: Italy’s capital has been your entrée to the Mediterranean country many times. A new boutique hotel, focused on wine, will make you look at the historic Regola neighborhood in a whole new light.


Photo: Norn Restaurant

Edinburgh: The capital of Scotland has become quite a foodie destination. A recently renovated restaurant offers surprise menus, foraged ingredients, and one of the most creative meals you’ve eaten in a long time.


Photo: Shangri-La International Hotel Management

Shanghai: One of China’s largest cities is known for its sprawling financial district, soaring buildings, and huge hotels. It’s now in the midst of a beer revolution, as well.


Photo: Dylan Harbour (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons
Johannesburg: South Africa’s largest city can be a bit intimidating. A tree-lined suburb and a pampering hotel should help you feel much more at home after a long flight.


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