The Best of Colombia

Colonial cities? Check. Dense jungles? Check. Ancient sites? Check. Gorgeous islands? Check. Are you ready to start exploring Colombia yet?

Photo: Casa Pestagua

Cartagena: The city along the Caribbean Sea is known for its colonial charm, sunshine, and nearby beaches. It has a Moorish palace-style mansion that’s now a boutique hotel with frescoed ceilings and marble bathrooms.

Photo: Hotel Boutique Don Pepe

Santa Marta: People are returning to Colombia’s oldest city to see its new marina, fascinating historical sites, and nearby national park. The adorable Hotel Boutique Don Pepe features a jacuzzi on its rooftop.

Photo: Envy Roof Top by The Charlee

Medellín: The City of the Eternal Spring has become an innovative city with forward-thinking environmental policies and a modern transportation system. People are now returning to—instead of fleeing—the heart of the city.

Photo: Wiwa Tour Colombia SAS

Ciudad Perdida: This ancient city was founded around 800 CE, abandoned during the Spanish conquest of Colombia, and left undisturbed until the 1970s. The archeological site could be the next Machu Picchu.

Photo: Sergiodbotero (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons
Santa Cruz del Islote: This island in the Archipelago of San Bernardo is home is to about 1,200 people, 90 colorful houses, a few shops, one school, and a single courtyard that’s the size of a volleyball court. It’s also the most densely populated island on Earth.

Photo: Hotel San Pedro de Majagua

Isla Grande: The Islas del Rosario are full of white beaches and majagua trees, clear water and schools of fish. You’ll have this island practically to yourself once the day-trippers depart.

Photo: El Cantil

Nuquí: The Pacific Lowlands remain wild and unexplored. The few people who venture here discover huge swamps, thick jungles, muddy rivers, and limited accessibility on Colombia’s west coast.


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