Hotels for Art Lovers

Some hotel amenities are nonnegotiable. Crisp linens. Rainfall showers. Chic restaurants. Pools with views. You can add art, lots of art, to that list. Here are five places in the United States, the Netherlands, and even Bahrain that have taken note.

Photo: Holiday House

Palm Springs: Settle into a classic 1950s building, a lobby dotted with paintings, blue-and-white rooms, a sculpture-filled garden, and a Pantry lined with tiles in California.

Photo: Aparium Hotel Group

Kansas City: Wander through galleries, museums, jazz clubs, the Crossroads Arts District, First Friday celebrations, and a restored hotel in the SoHo of the Midwest.

Photo: HotelRED

Madison: Find original artwork, pops of Badger red, locally filled honor bars, elevated comfort food, and BCycle bikes in the first boutique hotel in Wisconsin’s capital.

Photo: Oostwegel Collection

Maastricht: Discover colorful murals, Artemide lamps, pop-up art exhibits, flying-saucer chandeliers, a futuristic wine bar, and a modern copper entrance in a monastery that’s been turned into a hotel in Limburg.

Photo: Rotana Hotel Management Corporation

Amwaj Islands: Check out mesmerizing architecture, a honeycomb entrance, a dancing fountain, a sleek glass lobby, and a suite with a water view in an art-focused hotel on the Persian Gulf.


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